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We all deserve peace at the end of life. But that’s not the end-of-life experience for many in our community. Many die in hospitals and skilled nursing homes — medical facilities where peace can be hard to find.

And while families do remarkable work to provide care at home, that can bring family worry, stress, exhaustion, fear about making mistakes, and even family conflict. Peace at home can be hard to maintain.

Imagine a place of peace, a home to spend your last days surrounded by love and support. Imagine a place where family members and friends are freed from caregiving duties, so they can spend their energy supporting and connecting with their loved one – and each other – right here in Portland. Hopewell House is that place.

People care about the work of Hopewell House

Our community is excited about the return of Hopewell House. They’re saying things like this:

On our third day, my dad finally passed and thanks to Hopewell House, his last days were surrounded by music, giggles, and so much love and light. Leaving that last day, I had a newfound appreciation for what those volunteers (and the staff) did for so many families. I now understood why someone would choose to volunteer in such an “awful” place. I told my husband; I would be back at Hopewell House as a volunteer one day. I was so sad to hear it has closed, I am so thankful for all of the investors, volunteers, and advocates that have helped bring Hopewell House back to life.

– Jennifer Harris
Daughter of Joe, a past Hopewell House Resident

“Hopewell House represents the best of humanity. I feel so blessed to be part of a community that is so generous with their time, resources and love. We are creating a sacred place for people and families to experience end of life with support and caring in a peaceful and beautiful setting. It is such a dramatic contract to the sterile, bright, loud hospital setting I have experienced.”

– Pam Harp

Hopewell nurses and staff were beyond amazing with the love and care they not only gave to our son but to us, his grieving parents. They welcomed his array of friends who came and went throughout the days he was there. They walked us through every moment leading up to his passing. We were allowed to be with our son every minute of the 9 days he was there which was such a benefit. We didn’t have to worry about administrating drugs that he needed nor keeping his pain under control. We were able to be with him till the end. They allowed us to sleep in his room and even made accommodations so that we could be somewhat comfortable while sleeping there.

– Lynda Quint
Mother of Ryan, a past Hopewell House Resident

“My parents both died in hospital settings with bright lights, noise and nurses checking their vitals all day and all night. Hopewell House will be a place, a home for individuals and their families and friends to experience care with dignity and peace at the end of life. I hope that Hopewell House will be there for me when I’m at the end of life. “

– Patty Long
Volunteer and Donor

“It has been a wonderful and meaningful experience working with such a committed organization and group of people dedicated to this cause that will impact many lives. It’s not only what the resident rooms at the house will provide for those who will be there – but the experience and education that others will get as well from the extended family members, friends, businesses, contributors, volunteers and others. So grateful to be a part of this!!”

– Patricia Clement

“Having lost both parents to long-term illnesses made me fully aware of how important quality end-of-life care and emotional support are. My wish is that Hopewell House brings peace, harmony, and compassionate skilled care to every person and family in attendance, while surrounded in love and natural beauty.”

– John Harp

“Hopewell House has a long history of providing comfort, joy and peace. I believe in honoring death as much as life, and that everyone who chooses it should die with dignity and comfort and in the presence of others. I believe we are all connected and Hopewell House connects in a much deeper way.”

– Mona Mendez

“We all deserve peace at the end of life. But that’s not the end of life experience for many. Many die in hospitals and skilled nursing homes, medical facilities where peace is hard to find.

And while families do remarkable work to provide care at home, that often comes with worry, stress, exhaustion, and even family conflict. Peace at home can be hard to maintain.
Hopewell House is dedicated to care for those who are dying, and ensuring them peace.

I’m glad to give my energy and dollars to support the work of Hopewell House.”

– Ed Long
Volunteer and Donor


Residents & Families

When a person you love is nearing the end of life, you want them to be safe and comfortable, with dignity and peace. Call us at (503) 894-7560 Ext. 2 or use Get in Touch below.

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Are you a care professional, looking for a solid placement for a patient who is nearing the end of life? Call us at (503) 894-7560 Ext. 2 or use Get in Touch below.


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