Care Professionals

You’re a busy care professional, looking for a solid placement for a patient who is nearing the end of life.

What to Expect

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Is this you?

  • You want to find the best place for your patient and their loved ones.
  • You want the process to be smooth.
  • And, chances are, you’re under time pressure.

We’re committed to helping you help your patients and their loved ones.

At Hopewell House, we help people live well while dying.


What to Expect

  • We’ll discuss with you the patient’s situation and prognosis, together with our admission criteria, to make sure the patient could be a good fit for Hopewell House.
  • If it looks like the patient could be a good fit, you’ll send us the patient’s history and medical information.
  • Once we have the information, we’ll review it promptly and let you know whether the patient would be a good fit for Hopewell House.
  • Bedroom availability changes frequently, and we often have a bedroom available within a day for a patient who is a good fit.

Our goal is to help you go from a professional under stress trying to place a patient nearing the end of life – to a calm and smiling professional confident you have done the very best for patient and loved ones and you’ve done it smoothly and timely.

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